18 Everyday Activities Where Men Escape the Criticism Women Endure

The world is riddled with paradoxes where norms for men don’t apply the same to women. Some things they do, women could never even dream of doing. It’s a tough old world out there for the ladies! In this eye-opening exploration, we’ll spotlight various actions and activities where women face unfair backlash compared to their male counterparts. We’re not just talking about the obvious, like the inequality in pay or representation in boardrooms; instead, we’re looking into everyday activities that often fly under the radar.

Driving an 18-Wheeler

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“Driving an 18-wheeler… they freak out when I get out…it is just a truck…I can drive a semi, too.”

A massive 18-wheeler truck rumbles down the road and out steps a… woman? Yes, women can handle large vehicles just as well as men. Let’s kick the outdated stereotype to the curb and acknowledge women’s ability to take the wheel, whether it’s a compact car or a colossal semi-truck.

Going Topless

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“Going topless”

We’ve normalized men walking around shirtless in the heat of summer. Yet, a woman doing the exact invites scandalized stares. Isn’t it time we recognize that, like men, women too have the right to seek comfort in sweltering weather? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to strip off because it’s too hot. That should be a human right!

Being Bald

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“Go bald”

A man with a shaved head is often perceived as stylish or edgy. However, a woman choosing to go bald can find herself subjected to unsolicited judgments and criticism. In a world celebrating self-expression, shouldn’t we respect a woman’s choice to sport the hairstyle or lack thereof, she wishes? If men can do it, then there’s no good reason why a woman can’t either.

Growing a Mustache

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“Grow a mustache.”

Facial hair on men is accepted as ‘normal,’ but when a woman has noticeable facial hair, she can face harsh ridicule. But hey, it’s just hair! It grows naturally on everyone, irrespective of gender – it’s basic biology, folks!

Peeing Standing Up

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“Pee standing up.”

It’s a biological norm for men to pee standing up. However, if a woman chooses to do the same, it can rouse confusion or judgment. Why not allow everyone to answer nature’s call in the way they prefer? Of course, it is a lot more difficult for a woman to do this than it is for a man.

Having Hairy Underarms

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“Have hairy underarms”

Our society nurtures a fascination for smooth, hairless underarms in women. But if men aren’t shaving theirs, why must women? Let’s normalize body hair on everyone because that’s how nature intended it. It doesn’t matter where it is!


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Farting is a natural body function, and everyone does it! Yet, when women do, they’re often expected to feel embarrassed or apologize. Nobody likes a stinker, but this bodily function is completely normal, healthy, and human.

Not Coloring Grey Hair

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“Stop dying grey hair.”

A man with gray hair is often dubbed “distinguished” or “sophisticated.” In contrast, a woman with grey hair is often prodded to cover it up. Shouldn’t we admire the courage it takes to age naturally and gracefully, regardless of gender? Aging is hard, and we should celebrate it instead of fearing it. 

Babysitting Their Own Kids

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“Calling it “babysitting” when watching their own children.”

The term “babysitting” should be reserved for temporary caregivers, not parents. If a man watches his own kids, it’s parenting, not babysitting. The same applies to women – they can babysit their kids just as much as a man.

Not Wanting to Marry

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“Not wanting marriage.”

Society labels men who don’t want to marry as “bachelors” but often questions or criticizes women with the same desire. Marriage is a personal choice, and choosing to remain single doesn’t decrease anyone’s worth. It’s not for everyone, and that’s perfectly acceptable. We shouldn’t force it on people if they don’t want it.

Sitting on the Iron Throne

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“Sit the Iron Throne”

This statement metaphorically points to women aiming for positions of power. Men in power are accepted easily, but women still face backlash for the same ambition. It’s high time we support and appreciate women seeking the ‘throne.’

Working During School Hours

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“Refusing to pick up your kid from school because “you’re at work.”

Men are often excused from parenting duties during work hours. However, a woman doing the same is often seen as neglectful. We should recognize that women, like men, have demanding jobs that require their attention.

Growing Old

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“Being old”

Society often views aging men as “experienced” and “wise.” On the contrary, older women might face more age-related criticism. But women, like men, should be allowed to age naturally and gracefully.

Using the Bathroom

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“Literally just taking a poop.”

Everybody does it, but somehow it’s seen as unladylike for women. It’s a normal bodily function, and there’s no reason to make a big deal out of it. That is unless it’s really stinky!

Not Being the Primary Caregiver

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“Not being your child’s primary caregiver. Normal for a dad. Failure for a mum.”

Men are rarely expected to be the primary caregiver, but the women who aren’t the primary caregiver face a lot of backlash. The responsibilities of parenting should be shared equally.

Keeping Their Last Name After Marriage

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“Keep their last name after marriage.”

Men always keep their last names after marriage. But when a woman does the same, it often raises eyebrows. It’s her name, and she should have the choice to keep it or not.

Working While Having a Child

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“Have a child while also having a job.”

Many men balance having a job and being a father, but women often face judgment for doing the same. Women are just as capable of balancing work and family. It’s not the 1960s anymore; women can hold down a job while being good mothers, too!

Normal Bodily Functions

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“Normal bodily functions”

From sweating to having body hair, women are often expected to hide normal bodily functions. But these are natural and shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment or shame. 

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